Jantom Motor Product Sales

After 29 years, effective Dec 31, 2018; JANTOM MOTOR PRODUCT SALES will no longer be a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer. However, jantom.com will continue to provide valuable content and information to the vehicle buyer and enthusiast.

We sincerely thank our many loyal friends and customers who have purchased vehicles from us and recommended the business to others.

You will now find Tom semi-retired, but working with MotorTrendz in Kemptville. Please check out our inventory at www.motortrendzonline.ca We have an amazing selection of newer pre-owned vehicles. In addition MotorTrendz is a Financing Specialist; able to arrange all types of financing for vehicles, trailers, boats etc.

Vehicle Brokerage will still be a big part of my ongoing activity. If you are looking for a certain vehicle or need help to buy the right car. Please call me at 613-913-8091. We have access to all auctions; both physical sites and online. In addition MotorTrendz has excellent relationships with many other new and used vehicle dealers. Need a cheaper second or student car? Contact Me, I can help.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future!

-- Tom Phillips